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COVID-19 response protocols for universities are complex, and the landscape is constantly changing. Rymedi is the reinforcement you need to manage sensitive privacy issues while enforcing COVID testing protocols to keep your campus operating safely. Our fully-integrated, cloud-based diagnostics platform provides the infrastructure needed to manage encrypted data from surveillance and testing to compliance and reporting.

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How it works

Rymedi helps universities track and trace COVID infections and report potential risks on campus. Designed according to the most stringent global privacy regulations, our technology platform can pair with any diagnostic test or CLIA Lab for test kit authenticity verification and real-time test result capture. All while providing the quality assurance, protection of privacy, and required reporting you need to effectively reduce the spread of COVID at your university.

Testing & Tracking

Testing & Tracking

Proactively monitor population health and manage student and faculty safety.
  • Symptoms questionnaire with a health score
  • QR code contained in students' mobile wallet
  • Paperless process for test collection and results tracking
  • Integrated with CLIA labs
Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance & Compliance

Secure results with an authenticated infrastructure you can trust.
  • All patient data is privacy-protected and HIPAA-compliant
  • Surveillance and testing protocol adherence assurance
  • Test-kit authenticity verification

Reporting & Analytics

Get ahead of potential outbreaks with the analytics to accelerate your response.
  • Automated reporting to public health agencies
  • Integrated surveillance program with PCR confirmation
  • Configurable, real-time dashboards for university oversight
  • Geographic hot spot identification
  • Predictive analytics to anticipate potential outbreaks
Guide to COVID testing

COVID response protocols can get complicated quickly, especially if you don't have the proper systems for quality control and workflow management. Whether you are looking for a full-service solution or need Rymedi to augment and enforce your existing protocol, our best-in-class approach and expertise can reduce university risk and relieve the current resource burdens.

Download our "Guide to COVID Testing" and ask us how we can support your school's testing protocol.



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